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Together we help the world craft unique, meaningful wedding experiences that they will never forget.

Jerry & Elaine

Awesome people, awesome team.

From our morning tea ceremony at a private sky garden, till our evening reception at Renaissance, Alfred and Michelle and the team had displayed great team work and able to handle many last minute situations for us.

They knew who to speak to, took action promptly once issue arisen, cue us when time is running up, helped us when we’re almost off track, worked with hotel kitchen to fire food, liaise with our emcees, lighting, event decoration and many more.

Most importantly, we got more than what we expected from our package - Alfred brought in a competent team, involved more of his manpower after considering our event size, so to make sure that the event can go as smoothly as possible.

In all, both me and my wife have only one thing to say, “Our event wouldn’t be as enjoyable and joyful if we didn’t have RT with us - You guys are really really important & our experience has become totally different from so many other couples”. Their attention to details and the great coordination skills pre & during events are what we like.

Definitely recommended! 

Keep up the good work Alfred & Michelle! 

Ashley & Wee Hian

Really happy to engage the service of Alfred from Recreation. As we are not based in JB most of the time, Alfred did a great job in coordinating and planning. During the whole planning, we were very busy and Alfred was very patient towards us. He helped to source and find a lot of things which we wanted and also provide his valuable opinions when needed. On the wedding day itself, Alfred was always ready to accommodate to our changes and yet keep everything running smoothly! We are really Glad that we decided to use his service as it takes off a lot of pressure from us. A big thank you to him and his team!!

Han Ley & Desarine

Thanks for your help in making this event successful one! Without your help, we really can’t manage everything ourselves, especially the last minute suprise of having an additional hall.

Even up to Friday, Desarine still had to go to office and I still got some work to clear and if we didn’t have you, we really couldn’t have made it.

We enjoyed it very much! You guys have coordinated the flow of the whole event very well, even though we have 2 halls on different levels. Thanks also for carrying things for us, even though you guys were also exhausted already

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