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Smiling couple sharing a tender moment, their love shining brightly



Embracing couple rejoicing in their union, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones

Express your love story through wedding.

Beginning of their 'happily ever after,' captured in a poignant as they share an adorable moment together

We specialize in planning

meaningful weddings

that are based on the couple's unique love story, ensuring a truly memorable celebration. From personalized vows to incorporating significant moments, every detail is thoughtfully designed to reflect their journey. With careful attention to creating a heartfelt atmosphere and considering guest experiences, we ensure that their wedding becomes an unforgettable and cherished memory for all.

Wedding Planning

Emotion-filled scene as the bride takes her steps towards a lifetime of love
Newlywed couple taking their first steps together down the aisle, filled with joy and anticipation
Bride and groom sharing a private, heartfelt glance before the ceremony

Meet the Team

Recreation Touch is a creative team dedicated to crafting truly meaningful weddings for every couple. We believe that everyone has their own story, and every wedding should have its own unique tale to tell. That's why we are not just wedding planners, but also dreamers, thinkers, and emotional beings. Our goal is to help couples and their loved ones feel the significance and preciousness of life in every important moment. Let's explore the world together and create a wedding full of stories and meaning for you!

Story-based wedding planning for couples in Malaysia, Singapore and Bali

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