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By working on the future of a wedding,

redefine the future of wedding planning.

A poignant scene as the couple reads their heartfelt promises to each other


Our mission is to craft meaningful wedding events that will have a lasting impact. by joining together, we give the world a new, meaningful wedding experience that they will never forget.

Showcasing the intricate and charming details of the wedding setup  by Recreation Touch

Now hiring in Malaysia &
& Bali Indonesia! 

We are seeking team members who go beyond defining themselves solely based on their skills and experience. We want to know what really motivates and drives you in life. So, in what way does Recreation Touch play a role in this journey? We want to get to know you!

Showcasing the significance of the couple's vows through their intricately crafted cards

Our Team

Personal Transformation | As individuals, we grow and, together, we strive to achieve our most ambitious goals | Work as a team | Touched 400+ stories 

A detailed shot of the thoughtfully arranged wedding flowers

Where are we going? 

  • We wish to provide couples all over the globe with an incredible, unforgettable experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.

  • We want to create a better workplace to facilitate team transformation and growth.

  • We want to provide a world-class education, to equip everyone with the knowledge and skills to create or help others to craft an unforgettable and meaningful wedding experience in life.

Join our team now!

Highlighting the exquisite details that adorn the wedding celebration

Collaboration with RT

Join Recreation Touch in the journey of creating a new vision for wedding events.


Our partners have a passion for delivering meaningful and unforgettable weddings to the world, and are leaders in their respective fields. Whether you’re a Event venue, vendors, speaker, influencer, facilitator, Media, blogger partnering with recreation touch can enrich your business, mind and spirit!


Contact us and share your idea with us now. 

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